Accelator Facilities for intense Ion Beams

The existing GSI accelerators and the planned facilities of the FAIR project are the primary focus of the department. There is also close cooperation with the major European research facility CERN and Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA).

Development and Testing of Computer Models for Ion Beams

The members of the department supply substantial contributions to the control and measurement of intense ion beams in the GSI and FAIR facilities through the development and evaluation of computer models. Since the models can always only show a portion of the collective interaction, verification of models by means of targeted experiments is crucial. These measurements are mainly carried out at the facilities of GSI and CERN.

Collective Effects in Ion Beams

The important performance parameters of modern accelerators primarily consist of the intensity and the quality of the accelerated ion beam. These parameters are mostly limited by the collective electromagnetic interaction of the beam ions with each other (space charge), the accelerator environment (impedances) and secondary electrons (electron clouds).

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  • The longitudinal (left) and transversal (right) electric field in a 2D TNSA simulation with a thick layer (Z. Lecz).
  • Comparison of longitudinal electron cloud wakefields obtained from 2D ES (openECLOUD) and 3D EM (VSim) simulations (F. Petrov).
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